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Lavera Cosmetics

Lavera natural, organic and allergy-tested bodycare, spa, haircare and cosmetics

At Southville Deli, we are as particular about what we put on our bodies, as what we put in them! We were delighted to be approached by Pravera to become stockists of their fantastic Lavera range.

Lavera is especially designed for sensitive skin types & and allergy tested for sensitive skin.

Lavera products are free from:

  •     Synthetic preservatives (eg Parabens)
  •     Synthetic Colours
  •     Synthetic Fragrances
  •     Petroleum ingredients ( eg mineral oils)
  •     Irritating emulsifiers (eg PEG)
  •     Irritating detergents (eg Sodium Lauryl Sulphate)
  •     Petrochemicals

We stock the following ranges:

  • Lavera Trend Make-up
  • Lavera Basis Sensitiv
  • Lavera Faces/Young Faces
  • Lavera My Age
  • Lavera Men Care
  • Lavera Body Spa

If we don't have a specific item that you would like from any of the Lavera ranges in stock, just let us know and we can order it in for you.

Love the planet while looking after your body

We also stock a wide variety of other organic vegetarian, vegan and ecologically-friendly haircare and skincare ranges including Faith in Nature, Urtekam & Natracare.

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